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and the tailor and repair shop▓s, are under one roof, and under the contr●ol of a contractor.In the shops a●ll kinds of work are performed: repair▓ing, cutting and making clothes fo●r outgoing prisoners; th

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at which●[Pg 54] old convicts are sitting, wit▓hout making a pretence at working.As long as t▓hey keep quiet nobody notices th●em.Some of them look over seventy years ▓old; sad-faced, pallid, curved, almost v▓enerable in their old age.They are mostly old s▓neak thieves and pickpockets, the wrecks and ▓failures of their profession.They sit like● graven images, silently, patientl●y, hour after hour, year in and year out, ●until some

fine day one of the●m will be found rigid in his cell, and then▓ four striped convicts and a keeper acting▓ as a pallbearer will carry hi▓m away in a large black coffi●n to the morgue. To-day f●or the first time since my incarceration I be▓held th

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e reflection of my face in a mirror.●The sight was humiliating and shocking▓ in the extreme.My keen sense of caricature low▓ered my well fed conceit half way down t●he ladder of vanity. Then I consoled myself ▓by thinking of all the good-looki●ng, impressive, well-groomed me●n friends, enemies and acquaintances of[Pg ●55]

mine; and I tried to imagine the●m with clipped hair, togged out in i●ll-fitting, patched, striped ●garments and cap; collarless and tieles●s; wi

stopped,● jumped into the river in an at▓tempt to

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